Whippable Creamy Oatly!

In Stock (>5 pcs)

Vegan alternative to double cream by Oatly!

Palm oil free.

Delivery information - please see below

Detailed information

Product detailed description

Packaging: 250 ml

Ingredients: water, fully hydrogenated coconut and rapeseed oils, oats, maltodextrin, emulsifiers (E472c, E435), salt, E331, E464, E418, beta carotene

Delivery information:

It should be stored below 8 degrees C. We´ll add a small cooling bag to your box to keep it as cool as possible during transportation. 

As this cooling bag keeps the product cold only for 48 hours, we dispatch this item to Germany, Poland, and Austria (the typical delivery time is 2-3 days). We'll dispatch it at your own risk if you are from a different EU country. 

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