Kit Tarte Ring Amore

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8 tart rings + silicone mould

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The traditional tart comes in a new "dress" thanks to Kit Tarte Ring Amore by Silikomart Professional. The kit is composed by two elements: eight 80 x 70 h 20 mm rings in thermoplastic composite crush-proof material suitable for baking and creating the base and a silicone mould made up 8 cavities of 65 x 55 h 15 mm each to make a mousse or a cream to lay down over the shortcrust pastry. The rings are non-stick and stainless, they allow homogenous baking and they are characterized by high thermal stability. The pie created with Kit Tarte Ring Amore is confirmed as an evergreen whose classic modernity will let you sweetly surprised.

Ring size: 80 x 70, h 20 mm 

Mould size: 65 x 55, h 15 mm

Vol.: 8 x 30 ml Tot. 240 ml

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