Cocoa Powder Extra Brute

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A bright and intense red colour, this cocoa powder is ideal for coating truffles or for an amber dusting

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Cocoa powder is 100% pure cocoa, pressed from the same great blend as Cacao Barry uses to craft their Finest Belgian Chocolate. It has a warm, red-brown colour and a very pleasant solid chocolaty taste. 

This cocoa powder also has a very fine texture and can easily be mixed into doughs and liquids – which is great for flavouring and colouring your sponges, biscuits, ice creams, desserts, drinks and so much more. Its lovely taste and colour make this your must-have cocoa powder for decorating and finishing your desserts as well.


Ingredients: Cocoa powder (100 %), acidity regulators (E501i, E330). Fat 23 %.


Nutritional values per 100 g: Energy: 384 kcal/1605 kJ, Fat: 23 g, of which saturates: 13,8 g, Carbohydrates: 8,8 g, of which sugars: 0,4 g, Fibre: 29 g, Protein: 18,9 g, Salt: 0,04 g.


Packaging: 1 kg


Keep between 16°-18°C, in a dark space

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