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Grand Cru 2019 Mexico 70 %

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Vinte Vinte Grand Cru is the very best bean-to-bar chocolate. Produced from single harvest cacao from one of the best plantations, Finca La Rioja, in one of the best cacaos producing regions of the world.

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Made using one of the rarest and highest quality cacao varieties and one which is exclusive to the family-owned Finca La Rioja plantation in soconusco, Mexico – one of the leading cacao producing regions in the world.

“Porcelana Blanca Rioja”, a sub-variety of criollo cacao is widely renowned to be one of the finest varieties of cacao and famed for its colour and aromatic flavours.

The cacao beans are harvested at the perfect time before being rigorously selected and carefully crafted into chocolate to emphasise the sumptuous flavours and unique characteristics of this unique cacao and above all, the devotion to chocolate in its purest form.

Packaging: 50 gram tablet

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