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Vinte Vinte Chocolates

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5. 50g Dark Chocolate 55% Uganda
55 % Uganda
In Stock (>5 pcs)
4. 50g Dark Chocolate 65% Dominican Republic
65 % Dominican Republic
In Stock (>5 pcs)
3. 50g Dark Chocolate 75% Nicaragua
75 % Nicaragua
In Stock (>5 pcs)
2. 50g Dark Chocolate 85% Madagascar
85 % Madagascar
In Stock (>5 pcs)
2. 50g Dark Chocolate 70% with Chilli
Dark Chocolate with Chilli
In Stock (>5 pcs)
3. 50g Dark Chocolate 58% with Mint
Dark Chocolate with Mint
In Stock (>5 pcs)
1. 50g Dark Chocolate 70% with Salt
50g Mexico Soconusco Finca La Rioja 2019
Grand Cru 2019 Mexico 70 %
In Stock (>5 pcs)

The name Vinte Vinte plays on the latitude position of 20ºN and 20ºS of the Equator, which defines the most ideal environmental conditions for the cacao tree to develop and bear fruit, but more importantly, produce fruit of the best quality. 

Vinte Vinte chocolates are produced in Portugal. You can find three of their collections in our offer: 

Fusion Collection

A full-bodied, aromatic and unique quality artisan chocolate, infused with the best ingredients bursting with flavour.

Cacao Intensity Collection

Our bean-to-bar chocolate where the cacao has been carefully selected from some of the best producing countries in the world. Whether from Madagascar, Peru or Uganda, each bar reflects the best cacao from each country.

A Grand Cru Chocolate

Vinte Vinte Grand Cru is the very best bean-to-bar chocolate. Produced from a single harvest cacao from one of the best plantations, Finca La Rioja, in one of the best cacaos producing region of the world. Akin to a vintage wine or port, our exclusive edition chocolate will represent a great harvest from single plantation. Each year there will be a new Vinte Vinte Grand Cru to experience.

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