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Kit The Ring 65

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The Ring: everything is reunited, then it starts again. The circle, one of the most suggestive and meaningful shapes, express unity and harmony. Characterized by the sinuosity of its shapes, The Ring kit is composed by a silicone multiform mould which allows creating six semifreddo or baked preparations of 65 ml each, a multiform mould suitable to create six inserts and decorations (13 ml each) and a practical double-use cutter to make original inserts and /or bases. A single kit that releases the professional’s creativity and allows him to shape different preparations: individual portions, plate desserts or original desserts to go.

Base Size: Ø 85/50 h 18 mm
Base Vol.: 6x65 ml Tot. 390 ml

Insert Size: Ø 75/60 h 8 mm
Insert Vol.: 6x13 ml Tot. 78 ml

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