Vegan Masterclass, 2.-4. October 2020

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I still get the question "Can I really make desserts without milk and eggs?"

Yes, you can. And I will show you how at the three-day vegan pastry class. We will look at pastry craft from all angles, from baking to more complex glazed cakes.


You can look forward to:

a) baking - we´ll prepare my favourite kouglof, bake the best-ever lemon drizzle cake, learn a few recipes for use with brioche dough and, of course, we´ll also make some crispy croissants and chocolate rolls

b) tarts and tartlets – we’ll learn how to prepare shortcrust dough correctly and how best to line modern tart rings. Then we´ll prepare a couple of chocolate and fruit fillings and make various decorations

c) glazed cakes and glass desserts - we´ll prepare multi-layer glazed chocolate and fruit cakes, that nobody would ever believe are fully plant-based

d) cookies and sweets – we’ll learn how to temper chocolate and then make chocolate bonbons. We´ll also make some other sweet treats suitable for sweet bars, such as macarons or pâte de fruit


This class is suitable for home bakers as well as trained chefs. 

The course takes place in the beautiful new premises of the school in Třebichovice (20 minutes by car from Prague Airport). Třebichovice is a small rural village, situated in the middle of the peaceful Czech countryside, right next to the forest. 


Dates: 2.-4. October

Language : English 

Address: Třebichovice 168, Czech Republic (20 minutes by car from Prague airport)

Course capacity: maximum of 8 people

Time: 10.00 am - 5.00 pm