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Silicone Mould Eclipse

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 Eclipse - essential, sinuous, round shaped in its whole surface

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Product detailed description

Eclipse differentiates itself for the two extremely flexible silicone parts it is composed of, developed to simplify and halve preparation time and unmolding phase.

Eclipse is perfect for blast chiller use in order to make ice cream cakes, semifreddos and mousses but it is also suitable for baking preparations. 

Silikomart mould is characterized by extreme versatility since it is suitable for oven, refrigerator and blast chiller too and can resist to temperature ranges between -60°C (-76°F) and +230°C (+446°F). Elasticity and flexibility enable to flex the mould, in order to save space. All Silikomart moulds are washable in a dishwasher and are guaranteed for frequent use. Design, quality and handiness are skilfully combined in all Silikomart products. 


Size: 180 mm x 45 mm

Volume: 1000 ml


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